Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 25

LOVE Goodwill! Got a couple pair of cropped pants and the green tag was half off! So, I got both pair for only $7.50! The green ones are Anne Taylor too! I love the funky ones. I'll be wearing those when I'm in a really artistic mood! ;)

March 24

Max with one of his best friends, Emma... stuffed in the closet! They have always loved being together. They have been friends for over 5 years! I just love this little girl and would be thrilled if one of my boys grew up and married her! ;)

March 23

Within each of these ribbons were rolled up bills... a gift paying for my entire month's rent for April given to me by several families at church. I am so blessed and overwhelmed!

Monday, March 23, 2009

March 22

Whoops, she cracked and has a broken leg. As this piece dried, the leg ended up breaking.... thankfully, not off. But, I realized that it was suppose to be this way. God does powerful work in our "waiting" when we are broken. It's often the brokenness that leads us into the waiting. I wonder how often God is waiting on me... instead of the other way around.

March 21

Jewels of summer! YUM!

March 20

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19

Ready for bed... Kenzy and I photo boothed! He's much cuter than my tired self!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18

Took the boys to the Desert Botanical Gardens today and I was so happy that some of the cactus had started blooming. I'll go again in a week or so for more photos... hopefully it won't get too hot. I need some time to go alone with my camera so I can poke along with my own thoughts taking pictures at my own pace.

March 17

I'm likin' sepia in photo booth.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 16

OK, so I had to post two pictures today. Max and I were being really silly with photo booth and since he made his cool mask, we were trying to get scary looks. LOL!

March 15

Mom joins in the photo booth fun!

March 14

I really should put on at least mascara every day if I don't wear any other make up. Seriously. At least Max doesn't mind!

March 13

I was here.
A picnic in the grass with Max. This kid would live outside if I let him. He insisted we eat out.

March 12

Photo Booth Pop Art

March 11

We've discovered photo booth so we are having some fun. Here I am with my boys and one of their best friend's, Sam S.

March 10

Juice tastes better in a pretty glass just like tea tastes better in a pretty cup. My sister sent me these topaz wine glasses years ago and they rarely get used because I rarely drink. So, I decided to start using them for juice. In this case, my mango peach juice is almost the same color as the glass so it doesn't show up well but it sure tastes good!

March 9

While I have been published in a couple of magazines, this is my first book publication and I'm really happy about it.

March 8

I love this picture because I am always so amazed how something so beautiful and delicate can grow amongst such dryness and sharp rock.

March 8

Kenzy loves being on shoulders. Unfortunately, Sam's are a little small for a perch!

March 7

Tea is so much better in a pretty cup instead of a chunky coffee mug! Except it doesn't hold as much!

March 6

March 5

March 4

Doesn't Sam have the most amazing eyes? I snapped this on a bus while heading out on a field trip with his class.

March 2

March 1

Feb. 28

I love photographing tree bark more than pretty much anything else. It's the most fascinating thing ever. While I've only done one painting with my tree bark images as reference, a series will be happening soon.

Feb. 27

Feb. 26

My sweet friend, Stephanie brought me flowers. Kenzy had to inspect. Keeping this cat off counters is proving to be torturous for all of us. He came with this really bad habit and it's a tough one to break. But I am persistent. Unfortunately, so is he.

Feb. 25

Feb. 24

The desert is blooming at Canaan In The Desert Prayer Garden. What a peaceful place!

Feb. 23

Feb. 22

This is mine and Chuck's 23rd wedding anniversary, although we are separated. He gave me flowers anyway.

Feb. 21

From my sweet Max.

Feb. 20

My new apartment number!

Feb. 19

Feb. 18

One of my favorite cacti. I love the waves. They remind me of a Spanish dancer's dress flowing as she dances.

Feb. 17

Feb. 16

Catch up time.. The moon on an early morning walk.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm a month behind!!! I have pictures but haven't uploaded them here due to other crisis going on in my life. I'll hopefully catch up some over the weekend since my boys will be with their dad and I'll be here alone.