Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26

OK, I don't normally sew clothes but, I have a top I purchased similar to this pattern and I love it. I found the pattern and decided to make some. I mean, how hard can it be when there are no set in sleeves, no buttons, zippers, snaps.. nothing! Just elastic! I'll be making the short sleeve version. I'm also going to add on to the length of the pattern and make a dress! Max told me I needed a summer dress! LOL! So I'm gonna' make one!


  1. now Max is going to want to learn how to sew. LOL Hey, he can be on Project Runway one day!

  2. I miss sewing! I wish I had more time to do it. Thanks for your encouragement on this life Change. I think people need to realize DIETING does NOTHING. It has to be a life change.

    Thanks. Laurie