Monday, January 19, 2009

Here it is already 19 days into the new year. I just found out about Project 365, which basically is the commitment to take one photograph and day for the next year and journal about it. Now that I'm late starting, I'm going to have to backtrack a little. I want my project to really be my own photojournal. I don't know how much I'll write but I will take pictures. Most people doing this project are big into making scrapbooks. I don't have time to do that but decided to use a blog as a journal and also have a folder on my computer for these specific photos. These photos will not always be pretty or show the best. I want to be brave and show real. That is my goal. I want to pay attention to what is around me and happening in my day. So, here I go!

Jan. 1
Progression of a painting. Watercolor on light molding paste
Jan. 2
Added more dark contrast to the bark
Jan. 3
Finished painting with owl added into hole!
Jan. 4
Kenzy with Snip, his Beanie Baby. I love watching this little guy. He's so sweet when he's not running wild!
Jan. 5
Max loves Kenzy a lot. He's always picking him up and playing with him. Kenzy is very tolerant of a rambuncious little 7 year old boy.
Jan. 6
A treasure trove of leather samples and fabric swatches have landed in my lap! I can hardly contain myself1 Oh, the things I shall make! That piece of red/black leather will be the most gorgeous journal ever!Jan. 7
Kenzy loves playing on the computer. It's really cute until you are trying to get some work done and have a cat chasing the cursor and stepping on the keyboard typing for you!Jan. 8
These are a few of my favorite things. My vintage Hall pottery collection. I started collecting this because my maiden name is Hall and I love the style from the 30's/40's. I started off with just teapots but soon branched into different things as I found it. This is only part of my collection as I do not have space in my house for it. Some pieces I parted with but these are my favorites. LOVE the red bowl! ;) The yellow teapot in the center with the gold tea cozy was my very first piece purchased in downtown Glendale.
Jan. 9
My first hike up North Mountain in years! The past 3 months of daily walks came in handy with no painful legs on the way up but my lungs and heart got a good workout! Unfortunately, it was a bit smoggy in the city obstructing the view. Over the smallest mountain is my meeting place when Fran and I meet for coffee. OUR Starbucks.
Jan. 10
I love seeing Max laying around on a Saturday morning watching cartoons. How few years are left to find him like this.
Jan. 11
I had Max take this picture so I could really see how my hair looked all down like this. I never wear it all day. As you get older, you start wondering if a style really looks good on your or if you just think it does. Or, does it make you look older or younger... or someone older TRYING to look young, making it more apparent that you are too old for that style. Anyway, this is me with my hair all down. I think I can squeeze by a while longer with the long hair down but the reality is, I just can't handle hair in my face.
Jan. 12
Trying out ChaiJan. 13
My sweet friend, Katie Kenrick, sent me a jar of her homemade apple butter made with apples from her tree. You can get fresher... and you can 't get better. It was the best I have ever tasted. We had it with homemade waffles and sausage for dinner! My kids devoured it and there's only about 1/4 of the jar left after one meal!

Jan. 14
Ah, a headache day. Kenzy tries to take care of me.
Jan. 15
This is the state the remodel is still in. This area will be my hair salon, hopefully functional in a couple of weeks. What a mess my house has been in over the past 4 months during this project! UGH! I can't wait for it to end... as I listen to hammering while I type this.

Jan. 16.
Another hike up North Mountain rewards me with a heart shaped rock from the trail.
Jan. 17
I seriously can't get much more real than this... unless I keep a camera by my bed and take a self-portrait as soon as my eyes open. This is what I look like for a Saturday. No make-up, hair pulled back with a bandana on my head. Not attractive but hey, it's Saturday! Most often, I wear a baseball cap instead! I took this picture myself in the bathroom mirror. Kind of weird lighting.

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  1. What a great start for an intriguing project.