Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan. 20

I pondered exactly what I wanted today's photograph to be. I want my photos to have some meaning for me. When Max came in with another leaf, I knew. I finally decided to stop collecting them on my desk and designate this little treasure box for the things he brings me. Max knows me. He may be only 7 years old, but he knows me.. truly. He knows what makes my heart sing with joy. He's the one who notices everything and is fascinated by it... just like me. He's a gift giver. These are some of the little treasures he has brought me. I got the beautiful ring this past week. He was glowing giving me that ring. He's just so sweet. This box holds some of my greatest treasures because the represent my son's love and being known. The little note inside was one I found in his bedroom floor. It says "Look! Mayde you look" I cracked up. I always keep silly notes I find that that write or pictures. I have a collection. Some day I'll need a bigger box. Sam doesn't realize I save all his little notes. He's not into just giving me things but I do collect things from him. He's not as demonstrative with his love for me but I know it's there when he always asks me to lay down with him at night. I have sweet boys.

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